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Laser Strike Skirmish is an adrenalin action combat simulated game played on an urban or bush battlefield and is a safe, outdoor gaming experience. The lasers in the laser guns are not actually lasers, they are radio waves used to talk to each other similar to that of a TV remote.

Need to put an important message on each one that you will need to call or email to book your session even public sessions, (Basin) we do take walk-ins off the street but even when public sessions should be running we may not have anyone playing. Regular public sessions at The Basin run at 9.30am and 1.00pm every Saturday and Sunday, including public holidays unless otherwise stated on the website. But if we don’t have anyone turn up then the session may be cancelled for that time slot.

You need a minimum of 6 players, but when booking a private session you must have a minimum of 10 players to participate, a 20% deposit to reserve your place is required within 48 hours of your booking. Wonthaggi property we use is owned by the government and we have to give the office notice when we wish to play a laser strike skirmish game, thus it is essential that you call to check availability. Quite often we already have a booking and have room for a small group, if you call you won’t be disappointed. Phillip Island is run mainly on weekends when groups have booked, during the school holidays only we are there over the weekends and participants can just turn up on the day. But it is best you book so we can slot you in with another group to play. If there are no other bookings on the day you wish to play, then we recommend you have a group with a minimum of 6 players.

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